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Projects that celebrate the thinker spirit.

Our Mission: To champion thinkers around the world through inspiration and imagination.


Confidant around
the world

Designer Lauren Hom used her sketchbook to document her journeys abroad.

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Poems from the
Rabbit Hole

Old words made new with found poetry.

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Canvas Project

An experiment in collaborative art

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The Book Board

We hit the streets with the prompt, "If I could not fail, I would..."

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Poster Project

Twelve inspiring posters by thinkers from around the world

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Idea Series

Makers discuss process across a myriad of practices

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Community photos tagged with #BARONFIG

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Baronfig Projects

We make Tools for Thinkers designed with a philosophy of simplicity, usefulness and community. Baronfig Projects are creative experiments, events, and endeavors that exemplify the kind of thinking we aim to champion. We hope you enjoy.

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