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Our mission

To champion thinkers around the world through inspiration and imagination.

Our Method

We make Tools for Thinkers designed with a philosophy of simplicity, usefulness and community.


Simple design is direct, more intuitive, and easy on the eyes. It should just work, every time.


Your tools need to be functional. We work to make sure you have the best tools for the job at all times.


All of our designs are a product of community feedback. We keep improving based on your needs.

The Beginning

Baron Fig started as a project between friends.

Baron Fig started as a project between friends. We contacted hundreds of thinkers around the world and asked them one simple question: “What do you like in a sketchbook or notebook?”

Then we took all of that feedback, and consolidated it into a notebook. Our goal was to create a tool that was as simple as possible, beautiful, and easy to use. We called this notebook The Confidant.

We put the Confidant on Kickstarter with a goal of $15k. At the end of 30 days we had raised over $165k, selling nearly 9k notebooks to thousands of customers around the world. Baron Fig was born.

The Name

We created a name with meaning.





The creative journey revolves around the dichotomy of Discipline and Impulse: having the discipline to work hard and the impulse to go to places you (and others) haven’t.

The Greek gods/brothers Apollo (discipline) and Dionysus (impulse) represent this dichotomy perfectly. “Baron” is derived from the Apollonian symbol of “soldier”, and “Fig” is a symbol of Dionysus.

Thus Baron Fig—Discipline & Impulse.

The First Product

The Confidant was born.

The Confidant

  • Opens Flat
  • Backed on Kickstarter
  • Designed by People like You
  • Blank, Ruled, or Dot Grid

Even in today’s digital age, the analog notebook is still an important part of our lives. We fill them with our personal thoughts and professional doings. They reflect who we are.

Baron Fig respects this sentiment to the utmost—and we put that respect and attention into every product we make.

The Team

Together we're making things we love to use.

Joey Cofone

Adam Kornfield

Jay Desai

Sam Shiwakoti

Chandler Reed

Andi Talarico

Our Philosophies

We hold a lot of philosophies dear to our heart. If our Mission is the destination, our Philosophies are the fuel that gets us there. We believe...

  • ...that we are here to inspire the world.
  • ...that a well designed product improves lives.
  • ...that play and the unknown is as important as discipline and planning.
  • ...in collaboration as the pinnacle of creating.
  • ...clarity is achieved by finding the truth.
  • ...in the magic of being present and enjoying the process.
  • ...in ownership and responsibility for our decisions.
  • ...that action is the loudest voice.

Our Process

Baron Fig’s forward and upward strategy is modeled after the artistic process. It isn’t discussed often, but business is an art as much as painting or making music. Part of the journey requires that we choose a destination, but it also requires that we be open to uncertainty, small detours, and even large changes in direction.

As our name implies, we strive to balance Discipline and Impulse at every turn. Each of us must have the discipline to hone our craft and do the work, but also the impulse to play and journey down paths we have yet to traverse. Experimentation plus good old heads-down elbow grease.


We're always looking for feedback and improving our products.

We hope that you enjoy what we've made. Once you've spent time with our products, please check our dedicated page for feedback.

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