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A thousand notebooks in your pocket.

Now you can search Codex instead of looking through your whole bookshelf for that note.

Scan documents with edge detection.

A simple, easy-to-use scanner does all the work for you. Just point and tap—and you’re done.

Upload and organize your photos.

Capture progress as it happens, whether it’s a document, notebook page, or in front of you.

Organize with versatility using hashtags.

Easily find that small note or whiteboard doodle in moments with simple, clear hashtagging.

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Upload and organize
your photos.

With the option to add multiple hashtags, finding the right photo is easy. No more searching through folders for the right category.

Hashtags, not folders.

Codex takes a page out of social media’s method of organizing large amounts of data by replacing folders with a hashtag system.


Add as many categories
as you like





Must choose one




A notebook page or document often has multiple topics on it. With hashtags you can categorize a single item as many ways as you need.

Community-driven software.

Like our physical products, Codex is driven by community feedback. Unlike our physical products, which take time to produce, changes in Codex are frequent as we continue to pay attention.

Infinite. Versatile. Shareable.

Codex is designed to be simple and easy for everyday casual use, but also powerful enough for complex organizational tasks.

Cloud Backup

Afraid to lose your notebook? Don’t worry—your library is backed up, even if you lose your phone.


Add multiple hashtags to a single item. No need to decide which folder to put things in anymore.

Document Detection

Advanced edge detection finds the edges of your page or document, fixes perspective, and auto-crops.

Sync Across iOS

Switch from an iPhone to an iPad during the day? Codex has you covered with iOS device sync.

PDF Export

Export items as a PDF and quickly send via email. Easily share thoughts with anyone.

Ever Evolving

We’re always paying attention to feedback, designing new features, and updating regularly.

Keep all your ideas in one place.

Organize, back up, and share your notes and photos.

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