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Baron Fig in the Press

"High end and well-crafted notebooks."

"Best Bet for an All-Purpose Notebook"



How To Work From Home Like a Boss

August 2016 •  Read more »

Office Supply Geek

"Just about as perfectly balanced as I can imagine a pen being."

May 2016 •  Read more »

The Pen Addict

"The Squire is a wonderfully designed pen with a great feel and balance when writing."

May 2016 •  Read more »

Well Appointed Desk

"Squire [is] a bit like a summer blockbuster movie for the pen community."

April 2016  •  Read more »

PRINT Magazine

[Co-founder] Joey Cofone: Design Wunderkind

May 2016 •  Issue 70.1

The Looped Square

"The Squire is one of the nicest writing pens that I've ever used."

April 2016 •  Read more »

Bloomberg Businessweek

Tools of the Trade: #1 The Baron Fig Confidant

March 2016 •  Read more »

Gentleman Stationer

First Impressions of the Baron Fig Squire

March 2016 •  Read more »


Featured in Paper Chase

February 2016  •  Issue 2/16

Bon Appétit

Featured in The Gift

November 2015  •  Issue 11/15

Creative Bloq

Is this the perfect pen for designers?

November 2015  •  Read more »


An inky review of the Baron Fig Squire

November 2015  •  Read more »


"The best part about [The Confidant] is that it actually lays flat."

October 2015  •  Read more »

Creative Bloq

Great Notepads for Designers: #1 Baron Fig

June 2015  •  Read more »

PRINT Magazine

[Co-founder] Joey Cofone: 15 Under 30

June 2015  •  Issue 69.3

Creative Bloq

This notepad app could make you switch from paper to screen

June 2015  •  Read more »

Social Times

Baron Fig Launches Mosaic Notebook App on iOS

June 2015  •  Read more »


Why This Guy Left a Six-Figure Job to Launch a Paper Company

February 2015  •  Read more »

Creative Live

Interview with [Co-founder] Joey Cofone

February 2015  •  Read more »


"[The] Dot Grid Confidant is just about the best journal on the planet."

November 2014  •  Read more »

Paste Magazine

Baron Fig Channels Success into Artist Support

May 2014  •  Read more »

Fast Company

Inspirational Posters That Don't Totally Suck

May 2014  •  Read more »


This startup thinks it knows what makes a perfect paper notebook

March 2014  •  Read more »


Inerview: Can a Paper Company Survive in a Digital World?

August 2014  •  Watch Video >

Cult of Mac

Baron Fig Confidant Is The Best Paper Notebook I’ve Used

April 2014 •  Read more »

Business Insider

How Messiness Can Make You More Creative

April 2014 •  Read more »


"Unique, well-constructed, and well-hyped."

April 2014 •  Read more »

Core 77

The Creation of the Notebook That's Completely Focused on You

September 2013 •  Read more »

Cult of Mac

"The Paper Notebook Apple Would Make"

September 2013  •  Read more »


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