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Buy a Book, Plant a Tree

For every Confidant you buy, we'll plant a tree.

We're dedicated to empowering and inspiring makers.
This includes a responsibility to leave the earth better than we found it.

Creating is at the heart of everything we do. We started Baron Fig to celebrate the creators and their process, which we believe should also consider how we interact with the world around us. It's important that we leave the earth better than we found it.

Even in today's digital age, a screen and finger tip cannot replicate the experience of using a writing instrument to make physical marks on paper. There's nothing like pencil to paper, an experience that has been left largely unchanged for centuries.

You've shown your support since we launched, now the Buy a Book, Plant a Tree endeavor is our way of giving back in appreciation. It's our way of showing thanks to you, our customers, as well as to the environment.

So far your purchases have helped plant tens of thousands of trees since we launched, with more being added to that number daily. For every Confidant you buy, we'll plant a tree.

—The Baron Fig Team

We Celebrate You, the Makers

Planting trees is our way of giving back

One Book, One Tree

We'll plant a tree for every Confidant sold

Together, we're giving back. One book at a time.



(and counting!)

How It Works

1. Shop

You buy a Confidant—any notebook type, Blank, Ruled, or Dot Grid—and you set the ball rolling.

2. Tally

We add up the Confidants sold, and donate to our partners equal to that in trees.

3. Plant

Your purchases ultimately end up as seeds planted—one for each and every Confidant out the door.

4. Grow

Together, our efforts collect as more and more seeds are planted, reducing our impact on the earth.

Little by Little

We're committed to effecting positive change within the creative lifestyle. Little by little, our small studio is working on bigger and bigger things. Sign up on the right to get notified about new products, endeavors, and more.


Get a Confidant and plant your tree.

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