We make beautiful notebooks that nurture your creative lifestyle.

Baron Fig started as a project between three friends. Every day, creative professionals like us (as well as hobbyists) spend vital time in their notebooks, so it's important that they're comfortable using them and that they fit their needs. Most of the books we've found are either poorly made and flimsy or cater towards visual artists making finished work.

Poorly made notebooks have a host of nagging issues, mainly due to the fact that the designs aren't well thought out or they're made with low quality materials. Books for visual artists are aplenty, and usually includes only 60 to 80 pages of thick paper in which an illustrator can spend hours working on a single page.

The problem is that many of us don't need such thick paper to generate ideas—what we need is a lot of space. And that's where Baron Fig comes in. We're dedicated to putting together high quality notebooks—blank, ruled, and dot grid—for those of us who want to let our minds meander through the gardens of our thoughts.

Our Mission: To champion thinkers in their journey to create and inspire the world.

What does Baron Fig Mean?

The creative journey revolves around the dichotomy of Discipline and Impulse: having the discipline to work hard and the impulse to go to places you (and others) haven’t.

The Greek gods/brothers Apollo (discipline) and Dionysus (impulse) represent this dichotomy perfectly. "Baron" is derived from the Apollonian symbol of "soldier", and "Fig" is a symbol of Dionysus.

Thus Baron Fig—Discipline & Impulse.