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Keep a stream log to rate, remember, and share the diverse worlds, stories, and characters that you experience. In collaboration with Netflix.

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Deploy Code Journal

Code your imagination to life.

Code your imagination to life.

From "Hello, world" to complex algorithms, Deploy is designed to help you bring your ideas to the screen—and beyond.

Featuring the flexible Code Log.

Use the Code Log to take notes, diagram logic, lay out pseudocode, write full code, and more. Use the Pagebars to denote language and software. Cross out lines as you go.

Build new worlds.

From coding for the web to developing the backend server or database, building an app to developing a game—Deploy gives you the freedom to do it all and more. What will you create?

Grow Daily Journal

Form and keep a journaling habit.

Plant your thoughts.

Grow is a journal designed to help you form and keep a journaling habit, whether you’re new to the practice or you’ve been doing it for years.

One day at a time.

Each page features our signature Entry Log: a simple single-page format that helps you write something noteworthy and record your life as you live it.

A field guide to journaling.

Grow includes a Journal Guide with in-depth explanations of techniques, along with prompts, that help you get the most from your journal.

Play Stream Journal

Hit play and stream away.

In collaboration with Netflix

Capture your favorites.

The Play Stream Journal was designed to help you capture your favorite (and not so favorite) moments from your queue of Netflix films, shows, and documentaries.


Play Stream Journal

Rate, remember, and share the diverse worlds, stories, and characters that you experience.

Quick Start Guide

An easy-to-use guide in the beginning of the journal shows you how to log your sessions so you can quickly get to streaming.

Stream Log

No matter what you stream—movie, show, or documentary—you can break it down and rate various elements.

Top Ten Lists

Use the top ten lists in the back of the journal to log your favorites by genre, director, actor, year, all of the above, or however you like.

Easy to rank, remember, share.

Logging an entry is quick and easy. Next time someone asks you for a recommendation you’ll remember exactly what you watched and why you enjoyed it.

Draft Writing Journal

Write your heart’s content.

In collaboration with Roxane Gay

Ready for any writing task.

Organize all the big and small details for any writing project, whether it’s a blog post, essay, short story, or full-length novel.


Draft Writing Journal

Everything you need to organize your ideas, plan out details big and small, and get to writing.

Project Planner & Outline

Plan your writing project, organize your thoughts, and stay on track.

Writing Log

Over 160 dedicated ruled notebook pages, complete with footer space for annotations and notes, to let you write your heart out.

Storyboard, Character, Research Logs

Build and collect people, scenes, chapter, and more. Record your findings and have everything you need in one place.

Journal Guide by Roxane Gay

Original content by Roxane Gay, filled with writing advice, strategies, and insights to help you elevate your writing.

Savor Recipe Journal

Remember your favorite recipes.

Make sweet mouth magic.

With the Savor Recipe Journal, log your favorite recipes and never miss an opportunity to stun every tastebud in the vicinity with sweet culinary victory.


Savor Journal Guide

It's time to make sweet mouth magic with the Savor Recipe Journal, designed to help hone your cooking skills and record your culinary conquests.

About Cooking

The value of cooking in everyday life


The fundamental elements of a meal.

Recipe Log

Get the most from your journal.

Dinner is served.

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a good meal or drinks with people that mean the most to you. It’s even better when you make it yourself.

Clear Habit Journal

Build better habits to reach your goals.

In collaboration with James Clear


A notebook based on science.

You do not rise to the level of your goals—you fall to the level of your systems. The Clear Habit Journal is a combination daily journal, dot grid notebook, and habit tracker.


Habit Trackers

Full Index

Split Grid

One Line Per Day

Four Toolkits


Two Bookmarks

Elastic Closure Band

Folder in Back

Numbered Pages



Tiny changes, remarkable results.

Each habit tracker is perforated and can easily be torn out and hung on the fridge, placed on your desk, or displayed anywhere you choose.


Dot grid goes pro.

Create your favorite spreads with an upgraded dot grid that features subtle markings for dividing pages into halves and thirds.

Easily split pages in halves and thirds.


Easy index.
Quick journal.

Full index

Two full spreads to log your content.

One Line Per Day

Easily build a daily journaling habit.

Four exclusive toolkits.

Toolkits offer in-depth examples and layouts to help you be more productive, make better decisions, and stay healthy.

Habit Tracker Toolkit

Templates for tracking your habits.

Decision Making Toolkit

Methods for more effective thinking.

Productivity Toolkit

Ideas for improving productivity and time management.

Fitness Toolkit

Page layouts for better health and fitness.

Functional design features.

Designed based on the customer-favorite Confidant Hardcover Notebook, the Clear Habit Journal takes it to the next level.

Two Bookmarks

Elastic Closure

Folder in Back

Numbered Pages


Read the book.
Use the journal.

Clear Habit Journal offers a journaling system based on proven science. Read Atomic Habits now and learn the science behind Clear to prepare for the new year—and your new journal.

Do Work Journal

Stay organized and be more productive.

Meet your new assistant.

Every big journey is fulfilled in small steps. The Do Work Journal helps you stay organized, and makes your job easier—no matter what you’re working on.

Built on the 'Do' system.

The Do Work Journal guides you through the Do System one step at a time. Flow through quarterly milestones, weekly goals, and daily tasks with ease.

Whatever you do, do it well.

Do’s three unique Work Logs and Pagebars help you keep track of your objectives both big and small for the quarter, week, and day with a three part system.

Bloom Meditation Journal

Get the most from your waking life.

In collaboration with Justine Bloome


Thrive from within.

Enjoy the compounding, exponential benefits of daily meditation. Form and keep a mindfulness habit with the Bloom Meditation Journal.


Meditation Log

Meditation Tracker

40 Day Challenge

Exclusive Journal Guide

Four Toolkits


Two Bookmarks

Elastic Closure Band

Folder in Back

Numbered Pages



Change your mind. Change your life.

Log your meditation sessions to draw personal insights. Recognize the impacts of your practice to get the most from your waking life.


Track your sessions.

Keep yourself accountable with an annual Meditation Tracker. Recording your progress and attributing everyday benefits to meditation will help you prioritize and stay on track.


Bloom Journal Guide

Written by mindfulness expert Justine Bloome, the Bloom Journal Guide helps those who are new to meditation as well as those who are familiar.

Your Practice

How you can benefit from a meditation practice.

Meditation Techniques

Getting started with your meditation practice.

Journaling Techniques

How meditation benefits the time we spend with eyes open.


Simple data that impacts your life.

Functional design features.

Designed based on the customer-favorite Confidant Hardcover Notebook, the Bloom Meditation Journal takes it to the next level.

Cloth Bookmark

Elastic Closure

Page Bars

Numbered Pages

Wander Dream Journal

Record and explore your deepest dreams.

Every night is an adventure.

Each night’s sleep is a chance for new adventure. With the Wander Dream Journal, explore your deepest dreams, write them down, and let them inspire your waking life.

Recall. Visualize. Interpret.

Every spread in this notebook is split into three sections to help you recall, visualize, and interpret dreams. These three sections also use three unique paper types: ruled, blank, and dot-ruled.

Where will you go tonight?

Dreams have existed as long as humankind has, and yet they still remain a mystery. Inspirational, strange, and sometimes scary, dreams allow us to visit places in our minds that we can’t see when we’re awake.

Gather Review Journal

Capture your experiences.

A few of your favorite things.

They say everyone’s a critic, so make sure you have the right tool for the job. With Gather, capture what you see, hear, and experience.

Connoisseur of culture.

From the arts to athletics, products to places, the world is filled with things waiting to be collected. Give your take on movies, books, music, and more.

Expand your knowledge.

Use Gather’s Journal Guide to learn how to get the most out of your notebook. Discover explanations for common genres and their key components.

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