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An interactive limited edition.

This horse has no head.

That’s right. It’s up to you to give it one. Unfinish is a notebook filled with odd, unfinished pictures that invite you to finish, add, convolute, torment, tickle —and everything in between.

Limited Edition Confidant

If you’re a fan of our flagship gray Confidant, this is the same great notebook with a new take. The following are features of this limited release.




Designed in collaboration with Khoi Vinh.

New York-based designer Khoi Vinh had the idea to create a notebook filled with visual prompts. We collaborated with him to transform a Confidant into an inspirational companion.

Interview With Designer Khoi Vinh.

What is Unfinish and where did it come from?

I'm really excited about Unfinish, it's going to be something I use quite a bit. I've always been interested in the creative process. With Unfinish, the idea is based around the question, "Why does a sketchbook have to have blank pages?"

Where did that question lead you?

Each page inside the notebook has an image that is essentially unfinished. It might be a car with its wheels missing or a figure with no head. The idea is that it's printed in this light blue ink so that you can easily ignore it if you like. If you're inspired by it you can extend the image with your own doodling, you can trace over it, you can turn it into a whole scene. Every time you turn a page there's something new to spark your creativity.

How do you think people will use Unfinish?

I'm particularly excited to see how people interpret each page differently. I can't wait to see a gallery of all the different ways people draw a head on that horse.

Why did you choose this particular blue?

The images are all printed in this light blue, almost cyan color. The reason we chose that is because if you choose to write on a page and ignore the pre-printed image, when you photocopy the page that ink is actually designed not to show up in the photocopy. You will actually have a blank page.

Amazing. Any final comments on Unfinish?

I can't wait to see what people do with it.


To champion thinkers around the world through inspiration and imagination.

Confidant Features

Opens Flat


Smart Dimensions

Quality Lasting Paper

12 Perforated Pages

Plenty O' Pages

Simple & Beautiful

Ever Evolving

Unfinish. An interactive limited edition.

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