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Softcover Notebook

A candy-colored limited edition notebook set that celebrates the entryways to new and whimsical ideas. Which door will you choose?

FLAGSHIP • 5.4" X 7.7" • 72 pages X 3 • Blank


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Which door will you choose?

Each of the three notebook covers in this limited edition set feature whimsically illustrated entrances into the imagination.

Limited Edition Vanguard

If you’re a fan of our flagship Vanguard, this is the same great notebook with a new take.

Whoosh, splonk, kaboom.

Fall down the rabbit hole, take the plunge, step through the door—no matter where you start, ideas have the power to transport you to new and exciting places.

Learn more about the features of Portals.

Vanguard Features

Flagship Size

Our medium sized notebook that’s small enough to take anywhere with plenty of space for your ideas to grow.

3 Per Pack

Take ideas anywhere. Small enough to fit in your pocket, but big enough to capture monumental-sized ideas.


Twist it, bend it, beat it up. The Vanguard can handle whatever you throw at it. Designed to be used and abused.


An empty canvas without any rules. Take notes, draw, doodle—and everything in between. Make it your own.

Quality Lasting Paper

Acid-free fine grain paper allows you to use all sorts of mediums and archive your books safe from degradation.

Smart Dimensions

With intelligent adjustments to size you can use one page with more breathable space than leading notebooks.


Playful illustrations of doorways, tunnels, and tubes invite you to enter a new world of ideas on every cover.

Ever Evolving

The designs aren't set in stone. We're always listening to what you have to say and improving your experience.

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