Lock & Key Hardcover Notebook • Baron Fig
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A mystery behind the door.

Treasured ideas are meant to be kept safe. Like a key to a lock, a notebook and a pen are made for each other to store riches away from prying eyes. Be equipped with the Lock & Key set to uncover mysteries—and conceal your own.

Confidant Lock Notebook + Squire Key Rollerball

Get lost in the maze.

The forest green Confidant Lock Notebook and brass Squire Key Rollerball Pen are a gorgeous sight to behold. A closer look reveals cryptic symbols and labyrinthine puzzles that can only be solved with both tools. What will you discover?

Gold-Foil End Pages

Made of Brass

Deboss Cover

Maze Insert

Write and shine.

The Squire Key Rollerball is made from brass that glimmers in the light and feels weighty in hand. Brass develops a patina with use, which many collectors cherish. It can be wiped away with brass cleaner or a combination of baking soda, lemon juice, and water.

Lock and Key. Unlock the mystery.

Learn more about the features of the Lock & Key.

Confidant Features

Opens Flat

There’s nothing worse than a book that curves so harshly in the center that 10% of the page is unusable. Problem: solved.

Signature Dot Grid

This edition comes exclusively in our signature paper type, the dot grid: there when you need structure, quiet when you don’t.

Smart Dimensions

With intelligent adjustments to size you can use one page with more breathable (and usable) space than leading notebooks.

Quality Lasting Paper

Acid-free fine grain paper allows you to use all sorts of mediums and archive your books safe from degradation.

12 Perforated Pages

There are twelve perforated pages at the end of every book so you don't have to ruin your binding to remove a sheet.

Plenty O' Pages

The more space you have the easier it is to feel like you can let your mind run free—at 192 pages you're all set to sprint.

Interactive Puzzles

Cryptic symbols, mazes, and messages are hidden throughout this limited edition. Solve the mystery and be rewarded.

Ever Evolving

The designs aren't set in stone. We're always listening to what you have to say and improving your experience.

Squire Features

Precision Weighted

It’s hard to find a pen that feels invisible in your hand. The Squire’s weight is engineered to sit perfectly in your grip.

Brass Finish

The Key is the first Squire made from brass—a metal that glimmers in the light and feels weighty in hand.

Ergonomic Body

Comfort you can feel. Subtle widening of the pen body from top to bottom prevents your fingers from sliding down.

Versatile Size

Shorter than the average pen, longer than the average pocket pen, allowing you to use it at home, work, or on-the-go.

Ultra Minimal

A fusion of creativity and engineering, there are as few parts and edges as possible. It gets out of your way.

Made to Last

Cut from a solid block of high-grade brass and measured to the micron, it’s a reliable tool that will last for generations.

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