Elements Pencils with Caroline Weaver • Baron Fig
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More than the sum of its parts.

Graphite, glue, foil, paint, clay, water, and wood. Alone, these may seem like ordinary materials. When combined together, they can create the extraordinary.

A lesson in anatomy.

The materials in a pencil have allowed inventions, stories, and artwork to be sketched into existence. The symbols that decorate Elements remind us that ideas lead to something greater when conjoined.

A NYC Collaboration.

We worked closely with pencil guru Caroline Weaver to bring this limited edition to life. Fusing together her graphite knowledge and our signature design produced a pencil that celebrates strength in unity.

Learn more about the features of Elements Pencils.

Elements Pencils Features


The first you’ll notice when you hold the Archer is how light it is—and how easy it is to use.

Smooth Graphite

Made with HB graphite, the Archer is a perfect balance of dark and light for versatility in writing and drawing.

Slipless Finish

Gone are the days pencils that make your fingers slip down the body—the Archer stays put in your hand.

Ultra Minimal

Distilled to only the absolute necessities of a pencil, the Archer is a product of a laser-focused design process.

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