Bolt Rollerball Pen • Baron Fig
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When ideas strike.

Great ideas come unexpectedly and catching them can be like trying to capture lightning in a bottle. The Bolt Limited Edition Squire makes it easy to get even the most fleeting thoughts down on paper.

Brain. Storm.

Feel powerful no matter if you’re taking notes, sketching, or journaling with the Bolt. If you’re a fan of our classic Squire Rollerball, this is the same great pen with a new take.

A flash of light.

Writing with the Bolt feels as if you are holding lightning in your hand. Brighten your note-taking with the Bolt’s striking yellow color and minimal shape.

Learn more about the features of Bolt.

Bolt Features

Precision Weighted

It’s hard to find a pen that feels invisible in your hand. The Squire’s weight is engineered to sit perfectly in your grip.

Ergonomic Body

Comfort you can feel. Subtle widening of the pen body from top to bottom prevents your fingers from sliding down.

Versatile Size

Shorter than the average pen, longer than the average pocket pen, allowing you to use it as home, work, or on-the-go.

Electric Yellow

A bright yellow color that makes you feel as though you’re writing with lightning.

Ultra Minimal

A fusion of creativity and engineering, there are as few parts and edges as possible. It gets out of your way.

Made to Last

Cut from a solid block of high-grade aluminum and measured to the micron, it’s a reliable tool that will last for generations.

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