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Behind The Scenes

I'm inspired by...

global soccer/futbol, streetwear.

I like to work during...

early morning hours.

On my day off...

I'm drawing, playing soccer and talking with my wife.

In another life I'd be...

involved in marketing for soccer related brands/entities.

I always bring with me...

a sketchbook and ball point pen.

My favorite book is...

East of Eden by John Steinbeck.

Mini Interview

How did you get into hand lettering/illustration?

I started doodling in high school, seeking to emulate Shel Silverstein’s fluid line work. When the page became too small, I looked for inspiration around the city and found abandoned places to take my canvas larger and larger.

What do you do to come up with a new piece?

I’m constantly sketching. Each piece needs a sketch to start but each sketch does not necessarily become a piece. In fact the ratio of sketchbook pages to finished pieces is closer to 30:1—for paintings, 100:1.

How did you develop your highly recognizable style?

I developed my style by absorbing everything I’ve loved in other artists work and twisting it into my own. Van Gogh’s color palette. Shel Silverstein’s line work. Piet Mondrian’s grid approach. Andre Derain’s boldness, etc.

What do you recommend to aspiring artists?

I recommend to always be creating. My only gauge of whether or not I am an artist that day is if I sketched and wrote in my journal. Nothing else—just the bare minimum. But it needs to be met daily.


Geoff Gouveia is a Los Angeles based designer and artist. He creates to connect- be it with an audience or the brands he works with (Adidas, Facebook, Starbucks, to name a few.) Besides creating he’s either playing futbol or walking his dogs with his wife.


Fun facts

I hitchhiked in Northern Argentina to a Copa America game. • I threw up in a taxi in Sao Paulo because the driver smelled like bacon and I had just been food poisoned by meat. • I have a dog named Bear who doesn't love me. I love him though. Most of the time. • I'm terrible at USA geography. • I helped start a coffee roastery (before deciding to go full time with my art).

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