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Behind The Scenes

I'm inspired by...

the people around me, their joy, their trials.

I like to work during...

the night. the quiet of it relaxes me, plus the day easily gets away from me.

On my day off...

I am watching the office and playing pokemon. Probably go on a bike ride.

In another life I'd be...

an NBA GM.

I always bring with me...

my phone, headphones, my 3DS and my journal..

My favorite book is...

Dreams of My Father by Barack Obama

Mini Interview

How did you get into photography?

As a kid, I would always look for and mess with any cameras I could find in my relatives houses or wherever I accompanied my mom. They always fascinated me. When I was in high school, I took an intro to journalism class and got to shoot film and was hooked. I would hang out with Kathleen Motoa, and Jeff Gardner and just shoot everything. Then waste all my money getting my film processed at Walgreens.

What do you aim for in a good photograph?

Truth. Portraits are super fascinating to me because they can capture someone in a moment in time, essentially freezing their state of mind. If it's done right it's this magical totem of yourself in the past, which is awesome. If it's not then you just have an image that means not a whole lot.

Tell us about a memorable photo you took.

Now that I live in the city, I really appreciate opportunities to be in nature. In my first year, I visited my good friend Tyler Benjamin in Providence, RI and we went hiking. He and his roommate Danielle and I took a 3 hour sojourn into Wickaboxet State Forest. As we were on the way out, the sun was setting and the orange rays were kissing the ground before us. I stopped and asked Tyler to run uphill so I could capture him for the inner mountain man he is and he obliged. It created one of my favorite images.

What do you recommend to aspiring photographers?

Be patient with yourself. Don't try to gain the whole world in a day. Study images of photographers you appreciate, ask yourself how they used light and then try to imitate it. Don't spend more money on a camera body than you do lenses. Be in and with a group of people you trust and that will push you to be better daily. Shoot a ton, sometimes the same stuff with slight tweaks to learn more about yourself and your process. Ask yourself what the purpose of this image is beyond thinking it looks cool.


On his fifteenth birthday, Aundre Larrow received a Minolta film camera from his high school theater teacher as a gift. Within 3 months, he had blown all of his money processing film filled with portraits of fast friends and loved ones. Ten years later, not much has changed. Aundre is a Brooklyn-based portrait photographer who has spent the last few years shooting editorial and lifestyle content for his clients. He most recently shot the NCAA Tournament, NY Fashion Week and a portrait project about immigration. Throughout the years, his work has always pursued the truth that can be found in portraiture and his current work as an Adobe Creative Resident is the next chapter of that.


Fun facts

My mother is a leap year baby so she is actually younger than me. • Have seen every episode of the office at least 15 times. • My middle name is George after Curious George the Children's book character. • I have tried and failed to play 3 instruments in my life. A saxophone, piano and guitar all live under my childhood bed. • The first camera I owned was a gift from my theater teacher, Mr. Tempest.

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