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The Insightful Spectre

Limited Edition Squire

Chapter One

The House on Erie Lane

The house had been empty for many years. At least that’s what the people in town assumed. Some folks claimed to have seen a figure roaming the lawn or peering from the windows, but no one could be sure.

However, it was certain that no one was brave enough to enter the property. Rumors of an unsafe structure, rabid creatures, and cultic activity kept the locals out.

Little did they know...

...that on every full moon...

...at exactly midnight...

...something spectral loomed in the shadows.

Chapter Two

The Neighbor Pays a Visit

Shelley Crane, a sharp and inquisitive young woman lived down the road from the ominous dwelling. She passed by the house every day, but heeded the warning of the stories surrounding the estate.

That is, until curiosity got the best of her.

One chilly evening, Shelley pushed through the creaking gates, pried open the splintered door, and ascended the stairs until she reached what appeared to be a long-abandoned study. There she saw a pen writing in a notebook, although there was no writer in sight.


The Insightful Spectre

Shelley gasped at the sight; the pen paused in the middle of a sentence as if it had heard her and remained suspended over the notebook. Gulping with fear, she creeped towards the instrument and gently held it. Immediately, new ideas began flowing through her mind.


To champion thinkers around the world through inspiration and imagination.

Squire Features

Precision Weighted

Ergonomic Body

Phantom Black

Versatile Size

Ultra Minimal

Made to Last

The Insightful Spectre. Your very own ghost writer.


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