Raspberry Honey • Baron Fig
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A recipe for brilliance.

A dedicated beekeeper, a friendship, a loyal yak. These are just a few ingredients that comprise this limited edition. Raspberry Honey is one part short story, one part notebook— a winning combination that is sure to be delicious.

Limited Edition Confidant

If you’re a fan of our flagship Confidant, this is the same great notebook with a new take. The following are features of this limited release.




“How will we know if we don’t try?”

Raspberry Honey is an East Coast/West Coast collaboration between California-based artist Geoff Gouveia and Baron Fig. At the heart of the limited edition is a story of commitment, perseverance, and friendship. Written and illustrated by Gouveia.

YURI McLEVELL worked in Briarton’s second-largest honeycomb factory in a well-kept corner overseeing the Bavarian Beehive. The Bavarian Bees were his life, and Yuri laughed in delight as they followed him everywhere around the factory.

At home, Yuri kept a simple life in an apartment that towered four stories over a patch of raspberry shrubbery. When he returned from the factory, he always removed his beekeeping clothes and hung them out the window to air-dry in the Briarton wind. Every evening, Yuri loved to sketch one concept in his maroon notebook over and over: new honey flavor ideas. He was, however, alone in this pursuit.

Nationally recognized, Briarton took pride in its pure honey-flavored-honey. Briarton made a lot of it and didn’t deviate from the original flavor. Although Yuri had studied beekeeping, he was also fascinated with the culinary arts, making it his life’s goal to conjure up unique combinations to make the tongue sing.

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Confidant Features

Opens Flat

Signature Dot Grid

Smart Dimensions

Quality Lasting Paper

12 Perforated Pages

Plenty O' Pages

Simple & Beautiful

Ever Evolving

Raspberry Honey. A recipe for brilliance.

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