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Designed to inspire.

Process is a critical part of creating. The Manifesto is a collection of small reminders that help you make big things. Little by little, we all get there.

The story behind the Manifesto.

This is an accidental manifesto. Over the last several years I kept an evolving list of principles in every notebook, rewritten on the inside of each front cover. As time went on insights were gained, and I added to and edited the list accordingly.

When I brought the idea of a manifesto to the Baron Fig team my goal was to create an inspirational piece that could exist within a home or work space. Something that would be an ever-present motivation to keep going, anchored in truth.

After a lot of experimentation and failure, I happened to show them my list of reminders. They helped me realize that the answer was sitting in front of me the entire time. I hope they serve you as well as they’ve served me. —Joey Cofone, Co-Founder

Process, deconstructed.

Each line is a tried and tested element of process. They come together to help us remember what it means to slow down, take our time, play, and do the work.


To champion thinkers in their journey to create and inspire the world.

Manifesto Features

Silkscreen Print

18" x 24" Stock

Quality Lasting Paper

Ever Evolving

Baron Fig Manifesto. Anthem for Process.

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