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The Canvas Project is an experiment in collaborative art.

We set up a temporary gallery space in New York City with blank canvases. Titles accompanied each of the canvases and served as prompts for visitors to create visual works of art with friends and strangers.


The Gripe He Once Had with a Willow Tree

The Bee with the Human Face

The Parameters Of

If the Internet Could Speak

The First Eye to See

Ignoring Gravity

Dividing Infinity

The Woman with
a Million Children

It Speaks to Me Before I Wake Up

The Shadow of Venus

The View from Humpty Dumpty’s Great
Wall was Worth the Great Fall

The Skyscraper Made of Jello

Our goal was to bring together people of different backgrounds, cultures, ideas, beliefs, and skills to work together to transform blank canvases into original pieces.

The inspiration

Each canvas was paired with a title for participants to interpret however they wanted. Titles triggered memories and sparked new ideas.

The Materials

Mediums of various colors, textures, and sizes were distributed around the room for collaborators to add to drawings or fill in blank spaces.

The Rules

We asked participants to follow three rules when doodling: don’t draw obscenities, be respectful of other people’s artwork, and enjoy yourself!


Chandler Reed   Adam Kornfield   Joey Cofone  Ariana Dziedzic   El-Shamy Hamdy   Jay Desai   Alexis Reid   Claudia Lopez   Matthew Lettiri   Byron Rodriguez   Samrat Shiwakoti   Lori Corpuz   Garrett DeRossett   Hope DeRossett   Suesan Cha   Pat Cha   Jessica Mendoza   Daniel Fishel   Randy Dorf   Andrea Velazquez   Eric Friedensohn   Kenton Quatman   Chernie Banders   Rumpsat Shikawat   Alicia Lo   Katelyn Notman   Lara McCormick   Mary Soleiman   Celeste Olds   Caitlin Elgin   Caroline Weaver   Liang Shi   Roberto Stefan   Jeff Vari   Erin Greenberg   Christina Ng   Pamela Wong   David Kupiec   Corey Thomas   Caroline Nelty   Mala Grewal   Danielle Berman   Chris Golinski   Sean Gilmartin   Erica Manta   Ilana Tarr   Alejandra Ramos   Kristin Robinson   Maria Usa Burgis  

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