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Hundreds of years in the making.

The pencil as we know today is the evolution of one of the oldest writing instruments known to man. It has a history of inspiring thinkers to put their ideas down on paper, to create something from nothing.

Did you know?

Before erasers, writers removed pencil markings using bread crumbs.
Pencils can write underwater and in zero gravity.
The pencil was invented more than 400 years ago, in 1565.
Pencil marks are made when tiny graphite flecks, often just thousandths of an inch wide, stick to the fibers that make up paper.
The average pencil can draw a line that’s 34 miles long, write up to 45,000 words, and be sharpened 17 times.
It would cost $50 in labor and materials for a person to produce a single pencil.

Designed with near endless potential.

Don’t underestimate the simplicity of the pencil. Each pack has the cumulative potential to draw hundreds of miles of lines and write thousands of words. From the beginning to the end of a pack—what will you create?

Pencils per Pack
Years in the Making
Smooth Lines
Miles of Line
Writable Words

Part of a greater whole.

A pencil, like a pen, is one half of a powerful equation. Combine it with a notebook—a blank slate to write on—and the possibilities are endless. The Archer is specifically designed with Baron Fig notebooks in mind.


To champion thinkers around the world through inspiration and imagination.

Archer Features


Smooth Graphite

Slipless Finish

Ultra Minimal

Archer Pencil. Make a point.

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