Creative inspiration on your phone and wrist.  

Inspiration is an important part of process. Spark is made of two decks of inspirational prompts based on the dichotomy of Discipline & Impulse, designed to keep your thinking fresh. Just tap a deck and get inspired with a random prompt. 

The release of this app is a big milestone for us—it's the first one programmed entirely in-house, by us. Over the last few months we've been teaching ourselves to program for the iPhone (big shout out to co-founder Adam Kornfield for making it happen), and today we're finally able to release it. 

Spark is very simple, like all of our products. It was developed out of a need to have a friend in your pocket or on your wrist, someone who could provide a perspective change to help you do what you do best. 

We hope you enjoy.

—Joey, Adam, and the Baron Fig Team

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