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The Manifesto is Here

01 September 2015 by Joey Cofone

An anthem for process.  

Process is a critical part of creating. 
The Manifesto is a collection of small reminders that help you make big things. Little by little, we all get there.

This print is derived from one of our founders' experiences with the creative process. Here's an excerpt from the page. "This is an accidental manifesto. Over the last several years I kept an evolving list of principles in every notebook, rewritten on the inside of each front cover. As time went on insights were gained, and I added to and edited the list accordingly." Read the whole story »

Our mission is to empower thinkers in their journey to create an inspire the world. As always, your feedback continues to guide us. Let's make great things—together.

—Joey, Adam, and the Baron Fig Team

Check out the Manifesto »