Making things we love to use.

Adam Kornfield

A traveler and thinker at heart, Adam has been to over fifty countries and counting.

He enjoys taking in the vistas of a new locale, meeting interesting people, and generating ideas. He loves tasting new foods and making things happen. He is also an experienced public speaker and investor, and takes great pleasure in seeing an idea grow into reality.


Joey Cofone

A designer & longtime troublemaker living and working in New York City.

Joey strives to make work that appeals to curious minds—work that’s beautiful, smart, and communicative. He believes that design is the least of a designer’s worries, that story is at the heart of all tasks, and jumping off cliffs is the only way to grow.


Scott Robertson

Scott designs and codes by day and night, filling sketchbooks in the time between.

He believes in the power of the scribble and always has a notebook around to capture an idea’s beginnings. He finds it most exciting when these beginnings are sparked by collaboration and execution, growing to become something that can be experienced and shared with others.